Whisper the Cat Survives the Complete Removal of Her Teeth

Whisper the Cat Survives the Complete Removal of Her Teeth

Whisper had a pretty rough go of it. Whisper was found in shambles in a Denver, CO animal shelter. For readers already crying from the very idea of a cold, sickly and wet cat covered in a towel, the story has a happy ending. Actually, Whisper’s problem with dental disease and many other ailments has a fantastic conclusion.

The path getting to that point was challenging. Whisper’s story is one for the ages, as she is currently one of the best clinic cat stories out there. She is an inspiriting example of perseverance.

Finding Whisper in a Shelter

When Whisper was found, she was suffering from a myriad number of ailments. The worst of these was feline resorption lesions. It is not unlike gum disease in humans. Basically, Whisper’s teeth were rotting out of her mouth. A cat without teeth is in bad shape, and she only had a few left by the time she was found.

But, this was hardly the end of her woes. Whisper was facing tough erosion of her death through the development of plaque into calculus. The hardened bacterial plates acted as a fantastic growing ground for further bacteria.

Buried in the Partial Roots

The erosion did not end when the teeth fell out. The bacteria was still buried within the abandoned partial roots of the teeth. So the infection was actually buried underneath the gums where it would perpetuate even further. With no room to “excel outward and breathe,” the infections would invariably root into the jawbone.

The result was surgery. Whisper eventually had all of her teeth removed as well as the abandoned partial roots. She went without teeth as the clinical team tried restoring her life to some sense of normalcy. She refused to eat, suffering unhealthily for months. She grew to like dry food, oddly enough.

Now, Whisper is a mainstay at a local clinic. She has more friends than she can count, mostly because she can’t count and she makes friends with every visitor, dog or cat. Whisper’s dental disease is shockingly common, and that’s the scary part. Her story is a reminder to care for pets. They all deserve a shot at life, especially since even the lack of teeth can’t stop a determined cat.

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