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Essential Things To Buy For Your New Puppy

Essential Things To Buy For Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time for all involved. It can also be an anxious time for you as you get the documents sorted out, vaccinations completed and all the requirements of your breeder or rescue shelter sorted out. And it’s an anxious time for the puppy as well as he or she begins a new life away from the protective environment that they had become accustomed to.

You’ll need to go and get yourself a few items that will make the whole transition a whole lot easier.

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If you’re buying online or on the high street, you should also check for the latest pet stores reviews. Then you’ve got yourself and your new friend covered.

A Crate

First thing you’ll need is a crate. You’ll need one that is a suitable size for your puppy to be comfortable and also to accommodate them as they grow. They’ll need to be able to call this crate home and to go there to feel safe.

The crate should be made of easy clean plastic materials, or you can go for one of the traditional wire frame crates. Either way, your new puppy should have a warm soft bed in there so that they can make themselves comfortable.

Baby Gate

Consider also getting a baby gate. You can use your baby gate to control access that your new puppy has to various places in the house, or to control the puppy so that they are contained in one room.

This will help you, especially cleaning up any messes that your puppy will inevitably make!


A puppy playpen is a great item to buy as well. This will keep your home safe from mess until your new friend is house trained at least anyway.

A playpen should be big enough for him to run around and express himself, and even big enough for you to get in and get involved as well!


Next on your shopping list should be bowls. The best kind of bowl will vary depending on your dog and its temperament.

Make sure that you have a dedicated bowl for dry food, wet food and water.

You need to be able to give food in a clean bowl, so maybe consider stocking up on several.

Water needs to be available at all times.


Last but not least, you need to have a range of toys that are suitable for your puppy. Puppy toys need to be specifically suitable for puppies. You’re going to have to make sure that they are safe to use and play with your puppy, especially if the new arrival is left alone to play with them for any length of time.

The best puppy toys come from the best manufacturers. Make sure yours come from a reputable supplier.… Read More..

How Reviews Could Guide You in Choosing the Best Animal Stores for Your Pets’ Food

How Reviews Could Guide You in Choosing the Best Animal Stores for Your Pets’ Food

From cats to dogs to parrots, pets give unconditional love. They help with companionship, loneliness and ultimately lowers stress levels…if they are not having a bad day themselves!

For a pet owner, choosing the best food animal stores for your pets’ food can be really hard, but fortunately, there are ways to make this selection process easier. On reviewsbird.co.uk, you can find online stores reviews for the best animal food stores. In addition to what you could find on these review sites, we have provided a list of a number of ways through which reviews could guide you in selecting the best foods for your pets, and they include:

1.            Identifying Animal Stores around you with the lowest prices for pet food

 If you’re along time pet owner, you would know pet food costs so much, especially if your pet consumes a lot of food or you have more than one pet. In either case, it will be more beneficial to know and identify animal stores near you that offer large sales and clearance sections at wholesale prices. Customer reviews from various stores near you will help to identify these animal stores. This will eventually help you save up more money for your other needs.

2.            Reviews can help you know online stores that give the best shipping deals

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is safer, preferable and convenient to shop for your pets’ food online than to go to crowded stores that have little room for social distancing. Quite a number of these online animal stores offer great shipping deals and discounts depending on how many goods you purchase per order. Some stores give free shipping if the total amounts of goods are above a certain amount of money. Reviews and ratings from previous buyers can help you choose the animal food store that is most convenient.

3.            Online stores that offer repeat delivery service

Repeat delivery service means you can choose the type of pet food you want and schedule regular deliveries. This service is particularly useful for pet owners that constantly need to buy pet food.Reviews can help you identify the best animal stores that offer repeat delivery service. This means some animal food stores give a discount when you order the same goods often.

4.            Shows you animal food stores with the best customer service

Features of good customer service include competence, attentiveness and patience. An organization or store with bad customer service gives bad customer experience, which can be seen through reviews. Customer reviews will help you determine the best animal food stores that give the best customer service. With the help of good customer service, you can get advice on what type of food will be best for your pet or even better brands ofpet food you’re not aware of.

In conclusion, reviews can guide you in choosing good animal stores for your pets’ food at lower costs, good shipping deals with the best customer service, making … Read More..

Five (5) Benefits of Adopting a Pet For Your Kids

Five (5) Benefits of Adopting a Pet For Your Kids

Many of us enjoy keeping a pet because it is a rewarding experience. Nothing is as compelling as seeing the faces of your kids pulling your clothes while begging you for a pet they’ve got their hearts set on. Pets such as cats, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, and even lizards, represent something completely magical and joyous to kids, which also contribute to a kid’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from adopting a pet for your kids which you can read on us-reviews.com. Here are five (5) essential benefits to note;

1)      Adopting pets helps in relieving stress for Kids

A popular way of relieving stress is pet therapy, which involves being around favorite pets to reduce anxiety, loneliness, and stress. Not only adults experience stress, but children also experience stress too. Continuous stroking, patting, and cuddling a pet triggers natural reactions such as endorphins (chemicals in the brain) which makes kids stay happy and stress-free.

2) Being Responsible

Some activities such as cleaning up, feeding, or walking a pet help kids learn about responsibility. It is a healthy pressure type that forces children to stand up and fulfill these roles and duties. It also makes them not think only of themselves but others too by taking care of their pets.

3) Social skills

Some kids find it hard to socialize with kids their own ages. Pets can act as social lubricants that help build confidence in children’s actions. Studies have shown that kids who own pets at home are more sociable than those without pets. Also, Pets are companions to those who own them, who won’t judge as long as you treat them well.

4) Exercising

Having pets leads to more running or walking which induces kids to be more active and also greatly improves fitness. Studies also show that kids who own dogs get additional 11 minutes of exercise in a day as compared to kids who don’t. Exercising with pets regularly can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

5) Empathy

An important life value kids who own pets learn is empathy (which is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another). Just learning to care for a pet teaches them to know how very important it is to understand others’ emotions. A sense of caring is developed when they have a rough understanding of what is going on with their pets.

In conclusion, children who learn to take care of pets and treat it kindly and patiently, also learn to treat human beings the very same way. Carelessly treating pets is very unhealthy for the kid involved and the pet itself. Any child involved in such needs to be taken to a psychiatrist for a proper evaluation. In order to possess a positive experience, parents should ensure to ascertain reviews about pet brands and also confirm the pets receive all the care they have for their entire lives because it’s easy for your kids to be … Read More..



When a pet emergency arises, it is imperative that you know how to handle the situation. We have a list of pet emergency management tips to help you out the next time you have a pet crisis. You require tools for emergency management that will assist you in the pet crisis. BritainReviews online shops provide customer reviews, giving shopping experience in your hands. So, you can decide which products to buy for emergency preparation.

If you see signs that your pet may need first aid, it is beneficial that you know whom to call for a pet emergency. You should have an emergency contact number for your vet and make sure it is a 24-hour number that you can call.

If you are looking for non-emergency veterinary advice for cats or dogs, contact the vet’s office directly and wait for the advice.

Along with emergency preparation, you must take care of the basic needs of your pets. Reviews about pet stores will help you to decide which pet shop is better for your pet needs.


The first tip belongs to the owner and is probably the most important tip for dealing with a pet emergency. If you are not calm with pets during an emergency, you’re likely making decisions that can make the situation worse.


Even if you never feel like an emergency is imminent, you should always prepare for the unexpected. Know your nearest emergency veterinarian and the signs and symptoms of a pet emergency.


An emergency can also be stressful for pets. In an emergency, your pet may act unusually, causing it to act irrationally. You need to approach your pet carefully in case it tries to bite.


If you have to transport your pet or take them to the ambulance, you should handle them with the utmost care, especially if you are unaware of the damage caused. Try a stretcher that can further relieve pain by lifting your pet.


You should have a list of basic first aid steps that you can give to your pet if needed. For example, if your pet is suffering from trauma that causes blood loss, you need to know how to control blood loss. Contact your vet, if you do not know how to handle it.

You should know your pet nature and pay attention to their daily behaviour, attitude, personality, and communication style.

Stay vigilant and watch out for the most subtle signs of unusual behaviour or activity. Sometimes an illness is visible, like a limp or a wound, but some pets instinctively behave like their wild ancestors, staying as stoic as possible, trying to hide weaknesses, illnesses or injuries.


Your pet is likely to be scared in an emergency. Therefore, it is pivotal that you provide comfort and relieve stress that your pet might suffer.

Delaying emergency care to avoid emergency bills can put … Read More..

4 Tips That Will Help Create a Bond Between You and Your Dog

4 Tips That Will Help Create a Bond Between You and Your Dog

It is common knowledge that dogs are generally referred to as man’s best friend. However, how close are you with your dog, or what is the relationship like? Creating a bond with dogs has been happening from the very existence of dogs and back then most dog owners see them as guards. However, the world has changed and dogs have grown from being watchdogs to pets.

In recent times, dogs are referred to as babies, and dog owners dedicate more time to caring for and grooming their dogs. Most people even go as far as ordering for their pet supplies online as though they are ordering for their personal medical needs. They go as far as checking out pet supplies reviews to ensure they get the best products for their dogs. However, this doesn’t guarantee a bond between pet owners and their dogs. There are some necessary things one must do to create this bond, and below are simple tips that would help you create that bond you crave as a dog owner.


Asides from ordering dog food and grooming products from your favorite pet supplies online stores such as Entirelypets, you need to create time to play with your dog to build a bond between you two. Playing with your dog creates a stronger relationship between you two, because the more you play with your dog, the more your dog will want to be with you.

Praise your dog often

Just like humans, dogs too love to be praised whenever they do or achieve something great. Every dog loves to impress its owner by learning quickly and putting what they learned into practice. It is left for dog owners to create a strong connection by monitoring when their dogs do something good, and then them for that. You can go as far as rewarding them with their favorite game or snacks.

Learn your dog’s body language

The only way a dog can communicate is through body language, and it’s important you learn to understand this as a pet owner. However, some dog owners are too busy to notice the body language of their dogs and this can cause disconnect between both parties. As such, to build a stronger bond between you and your dog, you should learn its body language so you can know when your dog is stressed, nervous, or sad. If you can figure out when they are having a bad time and cheer them up, then you are closer to creating a lasting bond with your pet.

Take a walk together

Taking a walk together with your dog is more than just a simple exercise. Dogs appreciate this time and you need to make it worth a while for your dog. Sacrifice that period for your dog alone; that means you need to give it undivided attention. Chat while walking and sometimes play around, that way you will create a stronger bond with the pet.

The moment you decide to bring a new dog … Read More..